DiasporaEngager: African Corporate Excellence Awards Winner

Photo Credit: Dr. Roland Holou (www.RolandHolou.com).

Following months of vote counting, research, and analysis, DiasporaEngager (The Premier International Diaspora Engagement Social Media Platform – https://www.diasporaengager.com) has been named a Winner in the 2015 African Corporate Excellence Awards! DiasporaEngager has been awarded: Best for Diaspora Engagement.

According to Corporate Vision, a UK based company, the “2015 African Corporate Excellence Awards are dedicated to recognizing the changing fortunes of businesses across Africa and to reward the people and firms that have done such tremendous work to carve out a place for themselves among the most exciting and vibrant anywhere in the world. The awards focus on all aspects of business, from the top-level decision-makers to the often unheralded but no less vital support and behind the scenes staff“. Naomi Douglas, the Awards Coordinator, said: “This award recognizes the achievement of DiasporaEngager in all areas pertaining to twenty-first-century business, from customer care and marketing to innovation, implementation, and performance, etc.

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